Friday, June 22, 2012

Vadacom Cloud Strategy

At Vadacom we launched our VadaXchange phone system offering in the cloud.

This is a simple statement, yet it is so exciting. What never ceases to amaze me is that you have the whole phone system in a virtual world somewhere. You don't have to own or manage anything other than the physical phone on your desk, if you choose to own one.

The VadaXchange in the cloud offering is unique. It offers to businesses the same experience as owning a PABX together with an advanced unified communications system, while not having any of the old TDM systems or servers on your premises. You get to have and manage the whole phone system, with phone lines, ability to fully manage your business call flow, a full contact centre offering with ACD agents, calling queues and reports, as well as call recordings and quality control.

We can also integrate VadaXchange into each unique business IT environment – you are not restricted at all by the fact that it is in the cloud.

As with our on the premiss VadaXchange system, Vadacom remains agnostic as to which ISP or phone lines are used. We are a software development company. We are committed to developing world class open communication technology right here in New Zealand. However we are not an ISP or a telecommunications provider. We leave the job of providing and billing for phone lines and data to our partners

Vadacom's cloud strategy includes two offerings: One for the service providers, where the whole solution end-to-end is delivered through one provider. Another one is for the businesses wanting to manage different providers themselves, where VadaXchange can be deployed in an approved VPS (Virtual Private Server) environment and the phone lines and the WAN are delivered by other parties.

Orcon is the first business service provider to roll out the end-to-end VadaXchange experience. Vadacom is in discussion with others.

Vadacom developed an approval process for the individual data centers. To date virtual systems have been deployed at Maxnet to run VadaXchange inside VMWare. Vadacom in the process of approving a number of other data centers.

We are committed to continuing to develop this amazing technology. In the last year we've doubled our software development effort. In my opinion we are developing the best phone system available on the market.

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