Monday, November 22, 2010

Being Mobile

In todays wireless world being locked to a desk in an office is no longer good enough for many people.

We want to enjoy work and enjoy life. We want to be able to socialise with our co-workers away from our desk. We want to be able to get away from the office.

We need to stay productive while we are not at our desk.

I spend a good chunk of my day away from the computer screen and away from the desk phone. Being able to be fully productive while away from my desk has made a huge difference to my working day:

  • I am always available in case someone needs to call me (unless I am on another call or in a meeting). This means our customers appreciate that they can always contact us, and get a human on the other end of the phone.
  • I can respond to most email queries and assign tasks to other members of my team. This means our customers get timely response to their requests.
  • I can attend to most emails and little tasks before I get back to my desk. This means that when I actually sit down in front of my computer I can concentrate on things I need to do at my desk, making me much more productive.

What does mobility mean to you? Does it make any difference to your day? Are you at your desk most of the time, or out and about? If you are at your desk more often than you would like to be, what stops you from being mobile?

Comments welcome.

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