Monday, November 29, 2010

Demolish roaming charges when traveling overseas.

When I travel, I typically turn my phone to the "airplane" mode when I step on the plane in New Zealand, and turn it off the "airplane" mode when I step off the plane... back in New Zealand.

The reason I do that is roaming fees are huge. Anybody who travels knows the meaning of bill shock.

To avoid the bill shock I restrict data use to WIFI. You can turn on your WIFI on the iPhone while the phone is in the "airplane" mode and still get the data connection.

However, if you are a business traveler, turning your phone off is a hard thing to ask for. Also, looking for WIFI hot spots is time consuming. So, what do you do?

I was asked exactly that question by one of our customers about six months ago. I went looking and found an answer with

My customer went away to Europe for a month. He was able to make calls and receive in most places using SIP soft phone connected to the VadaXchange back in New Zealand. Unlimited data connection also meant he could communicate via email, browse the web, get navigation tips etc... He was quite happy not having to pay thousands of dollars upon his return.

I was so impressed with the service, I pursued the goal of bringing this service to our part of the world. And now it is here:

Vadacom now distributes SIM cards!

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