Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wired telecommunications in decline

People are still asking me every now and again about the rates of adoption of VoIP technology in the market. When this question is asked, to the person asking the question VoIP seems new as opposed to the mainstream technology.

Here is another bit of evidence that VoIP is much more widely accepted than many people think.

IBISWorld.com Identifies Key Sectors Set to Decline Even after the Economy Revives. As per the this report, the top of the list is Wired Telecommunications Carriers.

According to this analysis by FierceMarkets, VoIP cited as one factor in staggering decline of wired telecom industry

From my own observation, most businesses are now deploying IP based systems. I believe there are two reasons many people in New Zealand are still under the impression that VoIP is a new technology:

  1. Most of us still have a Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) phone line at home, and
  2. You still need to remember and dial a phone number in order to reach someone

The first reason is simply in my view a deficiency in our New Zealand infrastructure. This will be remedied when the government's fiber to the home initiative is implemented. 

The second is something our industry is yet to tacke. 

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