Friday, January 14, 2011

What is in store for the New Year in Technology?

Happy New Year everyone!

This is already looking to be a great year.

The year started with:

  • Skype releasing video calling for the iPhone
    I've been waiting for this feature for the last six months. I downloaded the update over 3G data connection while over in Australia and made my first video call from my mobile using 3G. The voice and picture quality was fantastic. Having a video call in the middle of nowhere in Australian outback produced lots of excitement.
  • The fantastic consumer electronics show 
  • Rumors about iOS 4.3

Here is what I believe we will see this year in technology:

  • There will be more competition of iOS vs. Android. Both iOS and Android will continue to grab headlines, market share and mind share. All other mobile and tablet platforms will move into the background and get confined to their niche markets.
  • There will be more VoIP. More Voice and more Video. I don't believe video calling will gain prominence this year  in the same way audio calling does, but it will certainly make more inroads into the enterprise. Voice over IP will continue to grab market share, mind share and revenues.
  • Social media will become more important as a tool for every day communication. Business IT departments will start treating social media as another technology to integrate with and manage. Blanket bans on social media in business will no longer be viable. 

What do you think the focus will be this year in information and communications technologies?

Comments welcome.

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