Saturday, July 30, 2011

Every business is a contact centre. Not every business could afford to be one. Until Now.

How does your business sell products or services? If you own a shop, probably you sell over the counter.

You have enough counters to satisfy enough people in the most demanding times, but not too many counters so it is not too expensive for you to run. So when you have more people in the shop than you have counters, you let them queue and wait to be served.

Many of my customers ask me to explain to them the concept of telephony queues and hunt groups. The explanation is simple: A hunt group is the row of counters. A queue is the place where people queue.

Hunt groups and queues are basic features of contact centre environments. The features to implement hunt groups and queues in traditional phone systems cost you extra and for many businesses are outside of their budget. Therefor traditionally many businesses have opted out of purchasing contact centre features from their telephony providers, siting that they don't need it for their business. This was the case until the arrival of software based telephone systems such as VadaXcahnge.

VadaXcahnge Buddy is the first browser based call control and instant messenger interface that is user friendly. VadaXchange Buddy enables you to have full contact centre features, where you can:

queue incoming phone calls
queue incoming instant messages
queue incoming faxes
queue incoming emails
queue any other incoming communications

    Queueing communications enable you to service more people. It also enables you to measure and tune the performance of your team.

    If you communicate with you clients and would like to service them more efficiently you need contact centre features. VadaXcahnge places contact centre features into the same price bracket as a regular telephone system. Further more, if you take into account the cost savings that VadaXchange offers on you running costs, you may end up not having to pay any extra to get those features at all.

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