Monday, August 8, 2011

How mobile is your receptionist?

Does your company receptionist answers calls all day every day without leaving the desk, or is the role mixed with other tasks needed to be performed around the office?

I found that many of our customers order wireless headsets mainly for receptionist use precisely for the reason that reception task no longer means that receptionist must sit in front of the computer the whole day. Ability to answer the calls by pressing a button on a wireless headset, away from the computer, is quite valuable. However, how do you transfer the call? You couldn't until now...

VadaXchange Buddy is unique in that it is the first browser based user interface for the phone system that is built to work with touch-screen devices. This means it will work on an iPad, or an equivalent tablet device, giving your receptionist the mobility they require.

However, some of them may find the tablet too bulky. In this case, they can use the VadaXchange buddy iPhone app on an iPod Touch:

VadaXchange iOs interface places the full PABX reception switchboard into the palm of your hand. That is quite unique!

The mobile receptionists use a cordless headset connected to their desk phone in conjunction with an iPod Touch with VadaXchange iOS software installed on it. The iPod touch is connected to the phone system using the office WiFi connection.

The actual voice call uses the traditional DECT wireless method on the headset. This way the call quality is not compromised by the WiFi network.

This delivers the ultimate mobility around the office while not compromising reception call quality and features for the reception staff.


  1. As an early adopter of this product, I can safely say I found it very useful and usable, you can see availability at a glance and transfer and hold calls with ease. No more looking people up on phone lists, then you find they're on another call, out of the office etc.

  2. That mobile app is suitable for those who need lesser space for receptionists and make answering calls more portable. It's also for solo business owners who can use it directly anywhere, even on business trips.

    Ruby Chelmsford

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