Sunday, August 14, 2011

VadaXchange for iOS v2.0 has been released in the Apple App store

The long-awaited release of our VadaXchange iPhone app is finally here.

So, what's new?

1. Presence

Finally, your phone system presence is now easily changed from your iPhone:

...and you can see the presence of your peers:

In fact managing your presence is very easy with this application - the button is always there on the front screen, it is easily accessible.

2. Call Transfer

This is another big feature. You can see your call in your iPhone, either while you on the mobile call or on the desk phone call:

You can hold the call, or you can transfer it:

When transferring the call you have the choice of blind or attended transfer. You can also transfer straight to voicemail.

3. New Layout

All the same great features from v1.0, but now with a whole new layout:

It is much easier to follow as it is closer to the iPhone phone app layout. You can easily see and change your presence status. You have access to all the main features from the front screent with one tap.

I've been using this new layout for six months, and it is an absolute pleasure to use.

You will need VadaXchange Buddy to enjoy all the features of this brilliant app.


Inquire today.

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