Tuesday, October 19, 2010

iPhone vs. Android is Alien vs. Predator: whoever wins... we lose

I love that quote: "iPhone vs. Android is Alien vs. Predator: whoever wins... we lose"

I love my iPhone. However, as an open source specialist and advocate, I am a fan of Android's success. So, naturally, the war between the two platforms is not something I particularly enjoy. Unfortunately that war is the fact of life and I wish that neither platform ends up the absolute winner - we need both of them.

So far, commercially, iPhone wins the battle for me as the business decision maker. I must admit the fact that the development is reasonably straight forward and support overhead is very low is a big plus for the developer.

Here are some latest developments in the war of iPhone vs. Android:

Steve Jobs fired some shots at the Android camp when he hijacked Apple earnings call

Jobs hijacks Apple earnings call - transcript

And here one of the responses from the open source community:

A misguided rebuttal to Steve Jobs' Android attack

I don't believe Steve Jobs was actually talking about open source vs. proprietary.


  1. yes, but this isn't a war either mobile OS will definitively win. They will both be around for a long time to come until they get ousted by a revolutionary start up OS from left field. You know it will happen. Unless the Govt. sells out and takes ultimate control of the web and start ups don't stand a chance against big corps... then us as consumers will be force fed bing for breakfast and google for lunch when all we wanted was a lil throwback yahoo. :) maybe we will win and be able to maintain some of our freedoms. HERE'S TO HOPE

  2. Consumers will win from the fact there is aggressive competition - each side trying to trump the other. Look at developments in web browsers since Firefox stuck a fire to IE's cold dead feet.