Friday, April 8, 2011

Is the desk phone dead?

Some of our customers ask me about the possibility of doing away with the desk phones and having the whole phone communications managed by mobile phones.

I came across this article, which is a very good analysis of the subject

From personal experience, even though I love my iPhone, I still prefer using desk phone when I have a chance. My personal reasons are:

  • The effects of holding a mobile phone to you ear are still unclear. A mobile phone has a number of radios transmitting at the same time. When talking on the phone I try and minimize the radios that are active - turn Bluetooth and WIFI off. If I have them handy, I use corded headphones. If I have an option to transfer the conversation to the desk phone, I do.
  • The coverage is not always 100%. Cell cites can "breath", depending on the amount of people using the site. A perfectly clear call can turn into a patchy one at any time. We've learned to accept this when using mobile phones but are less tolerant when using desk phones
I believe the desk phone will live for a number of years yet. 

Good VoIP phones do make all the difference!

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